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I'm a graphic designer & mixed media artist, doing most of my work in the margins & during nap time as I try to balance being a mom & an artist. 

I've always been fascinated by the power words have. The curves and lines that make up the words of our language are not only beautiful in and of themselves, but can also create incredible unseen places, challenge our way of thinking, and take us on fascinating journeys, all without leaving our living room. 

In my college art classes I discovered that I could combine a love of old books, vintage papers and layers of paint with skills in design & typography to create art that showcases the beauty of these words. Ever since, I've been perfecting my process and finding more inspiring words to turn into mixed-media pieces. Whether it's lyrics from an old hymn or lines from a classic children's book, I hope everyone can find a piece that they connect with in a special way, that takes them back in time to when those words first impacted their life, or reminds them what having "faith like a child" looks like. 

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